Genero® Brand Identity

The French company Four Js was encountering difficulties competing effectively in the world of software development. Working closely with the marketing director, the Genero brand identity was redesigned from the ground up, starting with a new logo.

The logo was designed to allow for continual brand extensions, while supporting company growth. A new vibrant color scheme was chosen to reflect the excitement and energy that this product was known to generate in its users. It also helped differentiate the Genero product from more established international competition.

A flexible visual system was developed that would set the foundation for all future marketing materials, while allowing for the brand to be easily expanded as new versions of the software were brought to market. Core photographic images were chosen to clearly represent each product, while reflecting that product’s key feature.

Four Js was planning to change their corporate name to Genero. Since this plan could not coincide with the launch of the revised Genero brand, a strategy had to be in place to allow corporate materials to easily be updated. The corporate folder and brochure were built to directly reflect the new design system, while giving them the ability to easily be updated with only a logo change.

Featured in the book LogoLounge Master Library Volume 1, Initial & Crest Logos, Rockport Publishers.